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Property Sourcing

We can perform many different type of property searches for you but our service is much much more than that. Our sourcing service maps out a whole property investment strategy for you based on you personal circumstance and your financial goals, more importantly we thoroughly research every property we source so for you first time investors that first property will be the right one.

On the left below is a brief out line of our sourcing process and on the left is an example of how the numbers of a deal are presented so you are clear on what you should expect from the property.

—¬† 1 on 1 conversation outlining your property and financial goals

— Draft a plan to achieve your goals and what type of properties you will need

— Detailed market search to identify potential deals that meet your criteria

— Negotiate with landlord/agent for the best deal and agree terms

— Present the deal to the client i.e Property Calculator, Property/Areas info Sheet

— Select the most suitable deals for the client financial plan

— Final review of contract ready for Handover

— Handover to client for completions

— Post completion support

To find out more about our sourcing service please get in touch via our contact page and a member of our team will be in touch

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